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The website lists a large collection of books in different formats. You can find art, science fiction, fantasy, and biography books. In addition, you can find recipes and romance books on this website. Verdict: We recommend FreeComputerBooks for computer professionals. The books available here are not for laymen or non-professionals since the topics are complex. The books available on this website are targeted at computer graduates.

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At the end of 2016, the retail sector employed 16.5 million workers, and the restaurant industry employed another 11.4 million. Together, that's nearly one out of every five workers in America, the same share of employment accounted for by the manufacturing sector in 1982. Many of those jobs are threatened by Amazon's incredible growth. But some are relatively safe: Most of the 11.4 million restaurant jobs are safe from online competition, for instance, because people still love going out to eat, and someone has to cook and wash the dishes. The 1.3 million working at car dealerships probably won't be affected anytime soon, and neither will the 925,000 at gas stations, or the 1.1 million working at building materials stores. You won't buy a new car, or a gallon of gas, or 50 sheets of drywall online.


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